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For me there's very little that compares to the joy of losing myself in my sketchbook. Whether it's for hours on end or a few minutes reclaimed from the hubbub of life it's a great way to generate ideas (mostly stupid) and unwind.

Instagram is a great place to post drawings willy-nilly, no matter how incidental they may be. In fact, for me, incidental is a pretty important part of the methodology. My client work requires a totally different level of consideration and consequence so it's nice to balance this with a more carefree way of working. Below are a few drawings you'll find on my Instagram feed. Only a couple of them took more than 15 minutes to draw and colour.

The life of most of these drawings won't go far beyond Instagram but the Birds Singing Folk Songs series has found new life in sets of handprinted screenprints you can find and buy at my online shop.

Another Instagram shot. This time some imaginary badges I would like someone to make for me.

Words are a big part of my life, and not because I talk a lot. I love to listen to words in songs, read them in books and write my own ones down. I revel in wordplay and am not afraid to brandish a pun when the need arises. One word, a sentence, a rambling paragraph about lettering on a website... all of it is fuel for the fire. I also love the tiny pieces that make up words which we call letters. These are things I like to draw and combine with a purpose to make something we call lettering. Below are some lettering projects I have worked on. You can find more on my dedicated Fast and Steady website.

Sometimes when the mood takes me, and it has to be a very particular mood, I design a typeface. Here are a few examples. Below are a cheapo plastic stencil typeface and a runic face called Bound for Glory.

The first typeface below is called Pin after the purpose I created it for: some pins (badges) I designed. You can see a couple above (Mutineer and Anchored in Love) The second is Dark is the Night, inspired by the Blind Willie Johnson song.

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