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Polychrome was Frea Buckler's second solo show at Jealous Gallery in London. Frea and the Smithson Gallery asked me to provide a brand for the show. Full disclosure: Frea is an incredible artist and also happens to be my wife ;)

Frea's work is colourful, bold, angular and plays tricks with your sense of space. Frea was eager to bring these elements into the branding for Polychrome. I knew I wanted to keep it as a simple wordmark so it was really a case of finding the right typeface. We played with a few until I found Orientation from Commercial Type, a typeface that mimicked Frea's work and had all the qualities we were after without competing for the viewers' attention. Calibre from Klim Type Foundry was used for everything else.

Principle colour was this lush, deep blue that Frea had had in her mind from the beginning. The bottom option, though never used, shows how nicely the typeface compliments Frea's work. There were a number of smaller graphic jobs including postcards, Instagram story imagery, stickers and an a-board. Postcard and a couple of Instagram bits below:


The logo and exhibition information were screenprinted onto the gallery windows by the folk at Jealous which frankly just looked awesome.

Photo by Anna Smithson