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Seasons Round is a personal project exploring the vernacular in music, art, literature and the natural world. It is both an online journal and offline programme of events.

The bulk of the Seasons Round project is the website, which is a repository of writings, photo essays and features focused on the natural world, arts and music. The styling is muted and straightforward reflecting elements of Seasons Round philosophies such as simplicity, the commonplace and the importance of exploring questions rather than seeking answers.

Winter, spring, summer or fall Seasons Round celebrates the joy to be found in every season, sun and rain, each opportunity, both the small and significant.

The Seasons Round website includes playlists, writings, readings and photo essays among other things

As well as an online presence, Seasons Round is also an offline foray into folk and vernacular music nights at The Forge. Lots of nice design work involved in marketing these intimate nights at our favourite venue in Bristol.