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Purpose Giving

Financial support for small local or regional environmental/climate action organisations.

Purpose Giving represents a monthly donation to a climate action or environmental group totalling no less than 1% of my total sales for the previous month. My aim is to support small, local or regional groups who are involved in direct action.

While reading Let My People Go Surfing I was hugely inspired by Yvon Chouinard and Craig Matthew's 1% for the Planet project. Initially I was set on joining 1% for the Planet movement itself. I had a great chat them and am convinced that for larger organisations, joining 1% For the Planet is a no-brainer. But my relatively small turnover means most of my 1% would go towards membership of 1% for the Planet and not directly to the organisations I want to support. What really inspired me about Yvon Chouinard's pledging philosophy was that he chose to give money to small organisations with lower operating overheads. More money for activism, less towards administration. For this reason I've decided to go it alone for now, which better fits my values of Simplicity and Smallness. In Chouinard's own words:

Many of these grassroots organisations are far more capable of solving problems than are self-serving multinational corporations or governmental agencies. Most of them are local groups working long hours with minimal resources, and they are hanging on to existence by the thinnest thread, depending on small donations and fund-raising events life benefit auctions and bake sales.
Yvon Chouinard. From Let My People Go Surfing


March 2020: Repair College Green

Greta Thunberg came to Bristol for the Youth Climate Strike at the end of February. Thousands of people, including me and my daughters, turned out to hear her speak in the rain on College Green. The grass turned to mud and a fundraiser was set up to replant the green where necessary. Bristol Council confirmed that in the event of leftover funds, they would plant additional wildflowers across the city.

February 2020: Avon Wildlife Trust

Avon Wildlife Trust is one of 46 Wildlife Trusts working across the UK. They manage 30 nature reserves for wildlife and people across the West of England and work with other organisations and landowners to protect and connect wildlife sites across the region and inspire local communities and people of all ages to care for wildlife where they live.

January 2020: Forest of Avon Trust

Forest of Avon Trust are passionate about the benefits of trees & woodlands and committed to delivering these to people across Bristol & Avon.

December 2019: Avon Needs Trees

Bristol-based Avon Needs Trees buys land in the Bristol-Avon Catchment Area for reforesting. Planting trees sequesters carbon from the air, enhances bio-diversity and gives us natural flood management, as well as water and air quality improvement, and more public amenity space.

November 2019: Teach the Future

Teach the Future is a youth-led campaign to urgently repurpose the entire education system around the climate emergency and ecological crisis. Young people have done so much to push the climate emergency to the top of the political agenda: It's an honour to be able to help out a little by donating to Teach the Future.